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6 Last Minute Packing And Moving Tips You Didn’t Know About

Although it is recommended for you to prepare as much as possible before a move, there are times in life where the last minute move is unavoidable. Finding yourself with little time to pack up and move adds another level of stress to an already stressful time.

How to do a Last Minute Move?

If you find yourself having to move with little to no time to prepare, don’t freak out. While you don’t have as much time as you could have, you still have a chance to make sure everything is handled to the best of your abilities. Read on for six tips to help make your move as smooth as possible.

1. Start Sorting NOW

Start sorting

Now that you know it’s now or never, sorting through your belongings should be easy. You know what you need to take with you and you know what you won’t have any space for. Only keep what can fit into the suitcases and boxes you have on hand. Anything else, donate, give to friends and family, or haul to storage if you have time.

2. Get a Checklist Together


Even if you have a day or less to move, a checklist will help you stay focused on everything you have to take care of before moving out. As you rush to make sure everything is ready to go, your checklist will serve as a reminder for all those little things that have yet to be done.

3. Call a Moving Service

Packers and Movers

If you have a long move ahead of you, it’s best to secure a moving company as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to find an affordable option for your move. Consult a company like Matco moving to assist you as soon as you realize that you need to move.

4. Get Your Packing Supplies Together

Get Your Packing Supplies Together

It’s likely your near future will consist of all-nighters spent hurriedly shoving your belongings into boxes. To make this process as efficient as possible, it’s best to make sure you have more than enough packing supplies before you begin your packing. Gather your moving essentials like bubble wrap, boxes, tape, and the like as soon as you know you’ll be moving.

5. Separate Clothes Sooner Rather than Later

Separate Clothes

There’s nothing quite like the panic you feel when you don’t know if you packed your favorite outfits or not. Separate your clothes earlier on in the packing process to make sure you make all the best decisions regarding your clothes.

6. Ask Everyone for Help

While no one really enjoys moving, your friends and family are great resources when you need some extra help. Ask your closest friends and family to come over for a moving party. With more hands on deck, you’ll be able to tackle the moving process as quickly as possible.

A move on short notice isn’t ideal but it isn’t impossible. Use these six strategies to help you tackle your last minute move.