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6 Best Landscaping Ideas For Your Patio

Many patios are a cement slab with no charm. With so many innovative ideas for patios, it is time to put your creative side to work. Think of the room you would add on to your home if possible. Now, consider your patio as a blank slate to create that perfect room.

Royal Decks specializes in turning patios, yard space, muddy areas and other unattractive spots into elegant, sophisticated areas to enjoy. If your creative side is on the blink, here are a few ideas for transforming your cement slab into an inviting outdoor room.

1. Cover Your Patio Floor

 Cover Your Patio Floor

  • Consider adding hardwood or composite tile to cover that unsightly concrete slab.
  • When adding tile, make sure the ends get sealed when using hardwood materials. Add end plates for a seamless appearance.
  • Add a border for a nice finishing touch.

2. Patio Gardens Add Depth

Patio Gardens

  • Add built-in planters set into your deck for a seamless look. Fill the planters with colorful flowers for a beautiful effect.
  • Stone pavers create a perfect accent to surround a container garden. Place the pavers at different heights with jutting stones to give it dimension.
  • Grow vegetables on your patio using stone containers. Composite materials allow you to add mulch and remove plants easily if necessary.

3. Redesign Existing Space

Patio Kitchen

  • You may have a patio covered with outdated indoor/outdoor turf. A professionally installed deck can transform your patio. Add steps for a layered look.
  • Turn your patio into an outdoor kitchen complete with a barbecue and a seating area. Have an outdoor dining table made using the same material as the deck over your patio.
  • Add a Pergola to your patio for shade and ambiance. Hang plants from each corner for privacy if you live in a crowded area.

4. Design A Patio Oasis

Patio Oasis

  • Install a small waterfall flowing into a little pond and make your patio an oasis. Add greenery for a natural look.
  • Create artificial walls with latticework around your pond. Scale your walls to define the space. You do not want to cover and conceal the area.
  • Add a small garden to the area surrounding the pond. Plant climbing vines to crawl up lattice work to blend with the waterfall.

5. Patios in Small Places

  • When you live in an area where you have limited outdoor space, make the most of it with vertical fencing. Adding loose, wooden fencing makes an attractive border.
  • Enhance small spaces with outdoor furniture scaled for a limited area. You do not want your small patio taken up with one large pot that overwhelms it.
  • When you cannot spread out, go vertical. Stacked gardens are a popular idea. Use stone to create different levels at a comfortable height.

6. Patio Play Zones

  • If you have small children, build a deck with a built-in sandbox. Pop a matching cover over the sandbox to have an evening party on your patio deck.
  • Larger decks accommodate swings and slides. Ask your deck designer about child-friendly material so children have a cushioned deck surface.
  • A deck with different levels allows space for hideaways and caves that a child loves to explore. Build a clubhouse with a treelike structure at the edge of your patio deck.

Patios offer a large return for even the smallest space. A patio deck simply expands your options as well as your patio.