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6 Beautiful Patio Accessories for Summer – Easy & Fun DIY

After the technicians at Royal Decks build your home’s patio, you will want to have several accessories to make it more useful and attractive. Rather than spending money on these accessories, you can find do-it-yourself projects. Here are six projects that you can make on your own.

Patio Accessory Project 1: Deck Chair

Desk chair

Deck chairs are comfortable and durable places to sit on a patio, but you don’t need to buy a ready-made one from a furniture store. If you look online, then you can find free directions for making a deck chair from wood. You will need to buy the right type of wood, and you can borrow tools from friends to build the deck chair before protecting it with a waterproof finish.

Patio Accessory Project 2: Plant Containers

Plant Containers

You will want to have plants on your patio, but that requires containers. However, you can repurpose old plastic or glass containers to have flowerpots. Wash and dry the containers before smearing hot glue over the exterior of the item. Next, wrap brightly colored twine around the container to create a decorative effect.

Patio Accessory Project 3: End Table

End Table - Patio

If you want to have an end table next to your deck chair to place beverages, then you can design your own. Look for old end tables at local garage sales and plan on updating it for your patio. You can strip the finish from a used end table to paint it a bright color. Next, visit a home improvement store to buy small tiles that you can glue onto the top of the end table.

Patio Accessory Project 4: Candleholders


When you want to use your patio in the evening, you will need additional lighting. You can make unique candleholders for store-bought candles. Look for small metal buckets at local hobby stores so that you can fill the items with sand. Before filling the buckets with sand, decorate the outside of the container with abstract designs. You can place the candle in the sand to help prevent accidental fires while you are outside.

Patio Accessory Project 5: Picnic Table

Picnic Table

If you have a deck, then you will want to have a picnic table, but rather than buying an expensive one, you can buy kits for this furniture. Home improvement or garden stores often have picnic table kits, and you can put this furniture together with simple tools. After assembling the picnic table, make sure to paint it with your favorite color before applying a coat of shellac.

Patio Accessory Project 6: Chair Cushions

Chair Cushions

When you sit on a deck chair, you will want to have a soft cushion. One of the best things about making your own chair cushions is that the items will fit precisely. First, you must buy waterproof fabric that is resistant to fading in bright sunlight. You should also find fiberfill that won’t absorb rainwater to avoid having wet pillows. With a sewing machine, you can stitch the fabric before filling it with the cushioning material.