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5 Ways New Windows Can Increase Your Home’s Value

At Panes Windows in Canada, we specialize in the installation of a variety of beautiful and functional new windows. You might have mismatched windows that are in a horrible condition that make it impossible to look through the items to view your lawns, or you may have ripped window screens and broken window glass. There are five ways that our company’s new windows can improve the value of your home.

Window Value Benefit 1: Adding Additional Lighting To a Room

Adding Additional Lighting To a Room


If your current home doesn’t have enough natural lighting, then you can change the types of windows in your home. In addition to installing larger windows, you can install more small windows to a wall in your home. You may have windows that are positioned in the wrong places, or the builders may have installed windows only on one wall, but expert contractors can make changes to your home’s windows. Talk to us about how we can improve the appearance of your home with new windows.

Window Value Benefit 2: Improve the Energy-efficiency In Your Home

Improve the Energy-efficiency In Your Home


When your home has single-pane window glass, you will lose climate-controlled air from the furnace or air conditioner. When you have new windows installed in a home, triple-pane glass is a great idea because Canada has extremely cold winters and hot summers. With the installation of new windows, you will also have new window frames that also prevent the loss of climate-controlled air.

Window Value Benefit 3: Making a Home More Secure

Making a Home More Secure


Your home may have old-fashioned windows with flimsy locks that don’t prevent burglaries. When you select new windows, you can choose window frames that have modern high-quality locking mechanisms that make it difficult for a thief to open the windows to invade your home. You can also have windows that have electronic mechanisms that are attached to a home’s security alarm system and your smartphone.

Window Value Benefit 4: Reducing the Street and Neighbor Noise

Reducing the Street and Neighbor Noise

If you have a lot of noise inside your home, then the installation of new windows can reduce the sounds that you hear from the outside. This can make it easier to cope with loud neighbors who are having parties or with the sounds from a lot of vehicles on the road outside your home. Having a quieter home can add benefits to your life because you won’t have the stress from too much noise, and you will also sleep better at night.

Window Value Benefit 5: Creating an Attractive Home To Sell It On the Real Estate Market

Attractive Home To Sell

When you want to sell an older home, it should look updated, and potential homebuyers look at the outside of the building first. If your home has degraded window frames, torn window screens, and broken windowpanes, then it is time to replace all of the windows in your home with attractive window frames, screens and glass.

Contact a Professional Window Contractor Today


A professional window contractor can offer advice concerning replacing the windows in your home. You can use computer software to determine how different sizes and styles of windows can improve the appearance of your home along with the function of the windows.